NerdyGeek’s 50 Best TV Shows of 2015

Best TV Shows

NerdyGeek’s 50 Best TV Shows - 2015

The 2014-15 and 2015-16 seasons saw an increase in new comic superhero TV Shows and gave many of us reason to be excited about the new series and upcoming series over the next few years. The best of which have been the top four of our list. While The Flash is the best so far, Daredevil and Jessica Jones have redefined superhero TV shows, (Soon we could have every character asking for similar TV series), and Agent Carter was made us fall in love with Peggy Carter (if we weren’t already).

At the same time we saw some great non-superhero shows which blew our breath away. The Americans, The Brink, Game of Thrones, etc have turned us into maniac devotees of those shows. The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead scared the shit out of us.

With such great shows, and some shows which while good did screw up a bit (Arrow), we would like to proudly announce our first annual NerdyGeek’s 50 Best TV Shows of 2015”.

The TV Shows considered for selection were from Canada, India, UK, and USA.

01. The Flash

02. Marvel’s Agent Carter

03. Marvel’s Daredevil

04. Marvel’s Jessica Jones

05. Constantine

06. The Americans

07. Empire

08. Silicon Valley

09. Penny Dreadful

10. Ash vs Evil Dead

11. The Brink

12. Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

13. House of Cards

14. 12 Monkeys

15. Suits

16. Better Call Saul

17. Game of Thrones

18. The Walking Dead

19. Orange Is the New Black

20. Mr. Robot

21. Mad Men

22. Fargo

23. Doctor Who

24. The Blacklist

25. Person of Interest

26. Arrow

27. Banshee

28. The Librarians

29. Hannibal

30. Outlander

31. True Detective

32. How To Get Away With Murder

33. Shameless

34. Narcos

35. Dark Matter

36. Veep

37. Master of None

38. Madame Secretary

39. Fear The Walking Dead


41. Supernatural

42. Masters of Sex

43. Justified

44. Killjoys

45. Falling Skies

46. Into The Badlands

47. The Last Ship

48. Wayward Pines

49. Supergirl

50. Gotham

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