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I found Moebius when I found that he had worked with Jodorowsky on “The Incal”. Now Jodorowsky is one of my favourite filmmakers, and I really really dug “Borgia”; another set of comics he had worked on. What stupefied me about Moebius from the get go was the richness of his art. “the Incal” was not an easy comic to draw, the characters were vast (Think of the bar scene from the original Star Wars trilogy and multiply it by 10). But, far more than that, it was the fact the people who stopped into “Incal” would find that the book had influenced countless other stories along the way, to the point where you would be hard pressed to find a science fiction movie that has not used a scene from the book.


Jean Giraud, Moebius was one of the best artists coming out from Europe. Described as the most influential bandes dessinées artist after Herge. His earliest works comes from Blueberry with Jean-Michael Charlier. This with “The Horned Goof” and small comedic comics.

Moebius; quite simply put, is one of those artists who will make you take a step back and admire. His extensive art and writing in the Heavy Metal magazine is a clue. But, far more than that, the clue lies in how much of a legendary artist he was. One of those European artists who did not have many assistants to start with, his colour use still stupefies me, like this cover from the Heavy Metal magazine.

One only has to take his work with “Arzach”, another series running in Heavy Metal to see his mastery. Drawn in a desolate landscape, the figurines, though quite alien to us, evokes this oimage of familiarity. The detailing of figurines, the emotions associated with a story that is basically written in silence. It might be one of the best silent works in comics I have ever read.

Moebius - Harzak3

“The Airtight Garage” might be the most celebrated works of his (other than L’Incal), and all these were available in the Epic line from Marvel itself. Which leads me to another accomplishment.

Moebius teamed up with Stan Lee, to present a Silver Surfer story like no other, a story that challenges faith and the human nature. The art of Galactus, is still one of my favourite things about Moebius, who wanted Galactus to be a symbol rather than a monumental villain. This also went on to win the Eisner award for the best Limited series.


As some comic fan said in a review, “I went out to buy Moebius books back then, because they were the glossiest books I could find”. Moebius, lives on through influences, through the facts that there are still people who try to achieve that kind of detailed abandon that he brought out in his characters.

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